Grading Results – Sunday, 26 November 2023 – The Nap, Kings Langley

Congratulations to the following students who passed at the grading.

New 7th Grade (White)

Juan Tarrio

Maddy Macdonnell

Mia Schlagman

Omid Salimian 

New 6th Grade (Blue)

Arin Sharma

Leah Sharma

Owen Gardner

Owen Regan

Sophia Sharma

New 5th Grade (Blue)

Anil Sharma **

Krzysztof Wroblewski – (Borderline Pass)

New 4th Grade (Red)

Aaryn Sunnassee 

Nathan Gardner

New 3rd Grade (Red)

Miriam Hdidi **

Sakyi Acquaah ** 

New 1st Degree (Black Belt) 

Rohan Sunnassee – 63%

Benjamin Forman – 61.5%

** Due to the accuracy of their techniques and the technical ability they demonstrated in their forms and (where relevant) their sparring, these students have been awarded a double promotion.


Kingsley Morgan, Chief Instructor & Chief Examiner

Gerry Abram, 3rd Degree Black belt

Antony Thomas, 2nd Degree Black belt

Certification will be presented at your next class.

Supported by:

1st Degree black belts & instructors:

Achen Sunnassee

David Rosenfeld

David Winston

Jayesh Vaghela

Molly Lawrence

Neil Shipley

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