Molly Lawrence started her Shaolin Kickboxing training with the Chief Instructor at the tender age of 12. She is now a fully qualified black belt and the head instructor at  the “Little Dragons” Shaolin Kickboxing class in St Albans at the Hertford Combat Centre, which she helped to devise.

An extremely skilful athlete who trains in our styles:  Shaolin traditional,  Kickboxing and K1 Techniques.

Molly has taken on the additional  responsibility for running introductory classes at schools across Hertfordshire. She is also in the process or qualifying as a boxing trainer under the British Board of Boxing Control (BBBCA).

Molly's side kick smashes through a 1 inch thick block of wood
Molly demonstrates her flexibility
Molly preparing some of her students ahead of a grading
Molly is also in the cornering team for Shaolin-sponsored professional boxer, Brandon Lewis. Here she is with Brandon and Shaolin Chief Instructor (and Brandon's head trainer), Kingsley Morgan
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