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Martial arts & kickboxing club in london & Hertfordshire

In common with other martial arts styles our techniques and training are very influenced by our chief instructor who formed Shaolin Kickboxing with the aim of bringing the skills and methods found in the ancient martial art of Chinese Kickboxing (also known as Kung Fu) into the 21st Century. We honour the heritage from which Shaolin Kickboxing developed, and have built on these firm foundations to develop the art into a more practical system of total health and self-defence. With this in mind, we teach defensive and offensive techniques in structured syllabuses and free sparring: Weapons, Shadow boxing, Kickboxing as well as Destruction and much more!

“Fitness trends come and go…Shaolin endures”

Black Belts
Founder, chief instructor

Kingsley morgan

Chief Instructor Mr. Kingsley Morgan trained in Chinese Kickboxing for over 25 years and was awarded his black belt at the unprecedentedly young age of 15. After many years of dedication, intensive training and study he went on to achieve the remarkable award of 7th degree black belt. – One of very few 7th degree black belts in Chinese Kickboxing in the world.

As a disciplined fighter and martial arts expert, Kingsley has known many world ranked fighters, some of whom became very good friends. One of these, who admired the Chief Instructor’s talents, was Frank Lobman, a heavyweight K1 champion and five-times European heavyweight kickboxing champion. Based in Rotterdam, Holland. Frank and Kingsley sometimes trained and sparred together in England and abroad in order to perfect their fighting qualities and techniques.

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We Are Eternal Students Of Our Art

Our Instructors

Shaolin Kickboxing instructors are not only experts in their art, but have all undertaken enhanced DBS checks and are are certified to teach by the club’s Technical Committee. All instructors are courteous professionals who have been chosen to teach classes according to both their high level in Shaolin Kickboxing and their ability to motivate students through positive reinforcement and assisted goal achievement.

Our mission

We are committed to helping people of all ages, sexes, social and ethnic backgrounds and levels of ability to achieve good health, physical fitness, to learn to defend themselves and to engage, in a sporting and social capacity, with other members of society.

Shaolin Kickboxing Club improves the discipline and self-confidence of our students. It helps them realise their potential and thereby improves their contribution to their families and the wider community.

how we operate

At all times, we place a high emphasis on the health and safety of all our members. As a powerful martial art, Shaolin Kickboxing is a tool, with the potential for misuse. We instil values to enhance respect for oneself and others and base progression on good character as well as physical ability. We believe the highest level of skill is most often demonstrated by the avoidance of physical combat, if possible.

All our classes are energetic affairs and discipline can best be described as respectful but relaxed and fun. Do try us for yourself; you will be made to feel most welcome!

What Shaolin can do for you

We believe in and teach our students the rewards of martial spirit, martial ability, a positive mental attitude, responsibility, humility and respect. We strive to help our students achieve black belt and above status – a symbol of excellence and dedication. Over and above physical and technical ability, our training develops:

  • Focus
  • Integrity
  • Honour
  • Leadership skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-discipline
  • Goal setting

The principles of shaolin kickboxing

Chinese Characters

Control – Never initiate violence. Always demonstrate self-control.

Courage – Be brave, without being reckless, when faced with challenges. Back yourself to succeed.

Dedication – Commit yourself to your training and the teachings of Shaolin Kickboxing.

Etiquette – Observe correct and polite behaviour in class and outside. 

Focus – Channel your mind, and your body will follow.

Honesty – Be truthful and trustworthy, with yourself and others.

Modesty – Do not display arrogance or aggressiveness.

Patience – Be prepared to devote time and effort to Shaolin Kickboxing. Our art requires ongoing attention and practice.

Peacefulness – Adopt a tranquil manner and strive for serenity.

Respect – Treat others as you would want to be treated by them. Show due regard to instructors and senior grades.

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