Shaolin T-shirt

Black breathable lightweight stretch fabric
with Shaolin Kickboxing logo printed by
sublimation on the chest, chinese lettering
down the sleeve and web address and
cobra/panther image on the back.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Price: £30.00

Shaolin Shorts

Medium weight. 100% Satin. Black with
embroidered Shaolin Kickboxing name and
logo on the front and cobra/panther image
down the side.
Comes with thick elasticised waistband.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Price: £35.00

Hooded Top

Black, fully thermal lined with satin in the hood (and Chinese lettering) and fleece in the body.
Waterproof zip. Embroidered with the panther/cobra emblem on the back and
shaolinkickboxing.com. Both arms also have embroidered Chinese lettering. An essential
fashion item that will also keep the cold away!

Sizes: S, M,  XL

Price: £60.00

Jogging Bottoms

Black, embroidered with Shaolin Kickboxing
logo on the front, panther/cobra emblem on
the side and Chinese lettering on the back of
the leg. Loose fit and together with yellow
drawstring and yellow anxle zips makes for
a stylish and practical piece of sports

Sizes: S

Price: £35.00

Gloves no background

Shaolin Gloves

Shaolin special Thai / kickboxing gloves are some of the highest quality gloves in the world. 

Made from high quality cowhide leather they are reputed across the globe for their performance.

The thick wrist support and padded thumb area help block kicks and elbows. A large hand compartment and thick padding allows a range of uses.

A triumph in Shaolin glove design

Size: 16oz

Price: £55.00

Shin pads no background

Shin/Instep Guard

Made from a lightweight material, this shin/instep guard will not weigh you down. Built with a foam layer,  it will dissipate shock before it gets anywhere near your shin bone and provide protection for your foot and to your opponents. Featuring ventilation to keep your skin dry, plus a special elastic to give you the perfect fit. A lightweight leg armour that will keep you agile while sparring.

Sizes: S, M

Price: £18.00

Shaolin Belts

Poly/Cotton belts 4.5cm wide

White belt (240cm and 280cm long) 

Price: £8.00 per belt

Blue belt (240cm and 280cm long)

Price: £10.00 per belt

Red, brown, brown/black belt (280cm long)

Price: £10.00 per belt

Shaolin black belt, poly/cotton 5cm wide. Embroidered at
the both ends with the simplified Shaolin badge, the Shaolin Boxing
name on one side and the Chinese letters on the other in gold

Price: £25.00 per belt

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