28 May 2023
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Grading Results, Sunday, 18 December 2022


Congratulations to the following students who passed at the grading held in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire.

New 7th Grade (White)
Gemma Kaur-Brown
Miriam Hdidi
Claudia Nechifor
Jacob Shek
Alexander Lutterodt - (Borderline Pass)
Krzysztof Wroblewski
New 6th Grade (Blue)
Ruhi Mehmet
Adam Mehmet
Sami Mehmet
Albert King
Brendan McBrien - (Borderline Pass)
Sean McBrien
Oliver King
New 5h Grade (Blue)
Eriberto Fariella
Kophi Acquaah - (Borderline Pass)
Aaryn Sunnassee - (Borderline Pass)
New 1st Grade (Brown/Black Strip)
Benjamin Forman - (Borderline Pass)
Rohan Sunnassee - (Borderline Pass)
Kingsley Morgan, Chief Instructor & Chief Examiner
Molly Lawrence 1st Degree Black belt
Certification will be presented in the new year.
Supported by :-
1st Degree Black belts Instructors
Neil Shipley 
Achen Sunnassee
Jayesh Vaghela
Antony Thomas
And lastly, we wish you all a Happy Christmas that's merry and bright and hope it brings you peace, joy, and happiness.

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