28 May 2023
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Black Belt Grading, 24 April 2022 - RESULTS !!!


Congratulations to the following students who passed at the grading: 


New 1st Degree Black Belt

1. Achen Sunnassee (63.0)

2. Molly Lawrence (62.0)

3. Jayesh Vaghella (61.0)

4. Neil Shipley (59.5)

(Scores in brackets)


Black Belt judging panel:

Antony Thomas, 1st Degree Black Belt (WKO K1 England and Muay Thai World Champion)

David Winston, 1st Degree Black Belt

David Rosenfeld, 1st Degree Black Belt

Rob Purcell,  1st Degree Black Belt

Stephen Coward, 1st Degree Black Belt



Gerry Abram, 3rd Degree Black Belt



Kingsley Morgan, Chief Instructor/Examiner

Ian Coward, 2nd Degree Black Belt  


Presentations will be made at the main class.

Many thanks to all in attendance.

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