21 September 2023
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!!! Grading Results !!! - Sunday, 27 November 2016


Congratulations to the following students who passed at the grading:


New 7th Grade (White)

Susan Daker

Zakariya Hdidi

Chris Lorriman


New 6th Grade (Blue)

David Corner

Shafagh Corner

Mekyle Gashgaie

Molly Lawrence

Lakshmi Purushotham


New 5th Grade (Blue)

Dilip Bhudia

Ben Forman

Sabrina Shima


New 4th Grade (Red)

Neil Shipley


New 3rd Grade (Red)

Piotr Barc

Jessica Ebhomenye

Rehma Sewsurn (confirmed)





Kingsley Morgan, Chief Instructor/Examiner

Gerry Abram, 3rd Degree Black Belt

Ian Coward, 2nd  Degree Black Belt



Thanks to Rehma who attended to complete the sparring part of her assessment.


Presentations will take place at individuals' respective classes.


All students are urged to register your interest (on Facebook) for our Christmas meal  in St Albans on the 13th December.




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