21 September 2023
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In common with other martial arts styles our techniques and training are very influenced by our chief instructor who formed Shaolin Kickboxing with the aim of bringing the skills and methods found in the ancient Martial Art of Chinese Kickboxing (also known as Kung Fu) into the 21st Century. We honour the heritage from which Shaolin Kickboxing developed, and have built on these firm foundations to develop the art into a more practical system of total health and self-defence. With this in mind, we teach defensive and offensive techniques in structured syllabuses and free sparring: Weapons, Shadow boxing, Kickboxing as well as Destruction and much more!

"Fitness trends come and go…Shaolin endures"


Shaolin Logo

The Shaolin logo to the left is much more than a badge. It represents the principles and objectives of the club and is thereby worn by our members with pride and respect.