28 May 2023
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The Principles of Shaolin Kickboxing

1. Peacefulness - adopt peaceful behaviour and strive for serenety.

2. Loyalty - Only Shaolin Kickboxing techniques should be practiced in class. Learning other arts simultaneously may be confusing. 

3. Obedience - Follow and devote yourself to the teachings of Shaolin Kickboxing.   

4. Patience - Be patient with yourself and others. This art requires years of dedication in order to master. 

5. Courage - Be courageous when faced with challenges; with your personal training and in the ring.

6. Etiquette  - Show respect to all members and instructors. Respect yourself.  

7. Modesty - Do not display arrogance or be aggressive.  

8. Honesty - be honest and trustworthy, with yourself and others.  

9. Focus - Channel your mind and your body will follow.  

10. Control - Never initiate violence. Demonstrate self control at all times.


These pictures are a reflection of principles associated within Shaolin 

Chief Instructor shows respect, control & modesty as he looks on from the neutral corner after having floored his opponent

Only the elite among martial art experts in the world can smash 3 bricks with one chop, here demonstrated by the Chief Instructor, Mr. K. Morgan MIET. This feat requires tremendous focus and patience, both in training and in the actual demonstration.