21 September 2023
Current Black Belt Holders
 Name Dan Date
 Gerry Abram 3  15/12/2008
 Eron B. Walkes 2  01/03/2004
 Geeroy Jackson 2  15/12/2008
 James Montgomery 2  15/12/2008
 Lisa Montgomery 2  15/12/2008
 Ian Coward 2  01/11/2013
 Yaser Maroof 1  25/08/1991
 Steven Shorto 1  26/11/2000
 Clyde Monrose 1  24/11/2002
 Gareth Coward 1  24/11/2002
 Daniel Kingshott 1  01/04/2004
 Carolyn Graham 1  24/10/2004
 Emily Stanton 1  24/10/2004
 Joe Mercieca 1  06/07/2005
 Denis Cameron 1  06/04/2006
 Adam Weir-Rhodes 1  24/09/2006
 Su-Mei Savage 1 13/12/2007
 Stephen Coward 1 05/04/2009
 Denver Kirrane 1 31/07/2011

 David Winston



 Chris Lloyd



 Laz Diaz-Prior



 David Rosenfeld 1 28/10/2013
 Rob Purcell 1 28/10/2013
 Antony Thomas 1 10/03/2014
 Katie Rishover 1 07/07/2014
 Achen Sunnassee 1 24/04/2022
 Jay Vaghela 1 24/04/2022
 Neil Shipley 1 24/04/2022
 Molly Lawrence 1 24/04/2022

Shaolin Black Belts (See also UK Instructors)







In becoming a Shaolin black belt, ex lightweight champion Chris has, through his courage and determination, turned what began as a dream into a reality.

He has consistantly demonstated all-round technical ability and this, when coupled with his willingness to learn, sets him up to become a top instructor in our art.



Denver qualified as a black belt in July 2011.

Well respected within the class environment, Denver is always willing to support and help junior students.

He is famed for luring sparring opponents into his path with his relaxed attitude before unleashing combinations...look out for his spinning back fist!

He trains with the Chief Instructor in Elstree and acts as assistant instructor for the Elstree class.


Former instructor of the Hemel Hempstead class, 2nd Degree Black Belt James is one of our best technical and practical application specialists and head of the Shaolin demonstration squad. 

CRB checked and first aid qualified James is a member of the club's technical committee.


2nd Degree Black Belt Lisa is an excellent all-round martial artist.

A member of the club's technical committee and first aid qualified, Lisa obtained her 2nd Degree in December 2008.


Steve is one of the longest established black belts and an extremely talented martial artist. He is among Shaolin's elite and is currently the Shaolin Middleweight champion.

Reserve Instructor at the Monday Elstree class. Go to the class page


Former instructor of the St Albans class, Stephen  qualified as a black belt in April 2009. However, he commenced his Shaolin training a number of years ago. He is the third of the Coward brothers to obtain a black belt under the Shaolin system and follows experienced 1st degrees, Ian and Gareth.


Adam competed in and won the first Shaolin/FTA promotion in 2005 at Lightweight and qualified as a black belt in September 2006.

A talented martial artist and potentially a very fine fighter with significant potential.


Gareth is another talented black belt and one of Shaolin's elite. He is the undisputed  FTABKA Light Heavyweight Champion.

In addition to his martial arts skills, Gareth is also an experienced web designer and he has lent good support to Shaolin's digital presence.


Carolyn was one of the first to qualify as a black belt within the Shaolin system.  Remarkably fit, Carolyn is a role model to all the girls and women training in Shaolin Kickboxing.


Another of the first group to qualify as a black belt in Shaolin, Emily is a talented kickboxer who has also fought in amateur boxing bouts.


In addition to his kickboxing abilities, with powerful low kicks, former class instructor and fitness coach Daniel is also an excellent amateur boxer. 



Clyde has been associated with Shaolin for many years. Having now returned to the area after a few years away, we are delighted that he has resumed his training.


2nd Degree Geeroy instructed the Kenton Shaolin class and is among the most senior instructors under Shaolin.
A former ABA middleweight champion and an extremely talented fighter. Well known for his boxing skills.
CRB checked, first aid qualified and Shaolin trainer / second.