21 September 2023
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Shaolin Logo & Meaning


Our Instructors

Shaolin Kickboxing instructors are not only experts in their art, but are certified to teach by the club's Technical Committee. All instructors are courteous professionals, who have been chosen to teach classes according to both their high level in Shaolin Kickboxing and their ability to motivate students through positive reinforcement and assisted goal achievement.

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See also our Instructors’ Code of Ethics

At all times, we place a high emphasis on the health and safety of all our members. As a powerful martial art, Shaolin Kickboxing is a tool, with the potential for misuse. We instil values to enhance respect for oneself and others and base progression on good character as well as physical ability. We believe the highest level of skill is most often demonstrated by the avoidance of physical combat, if possible.

All our classes are energetic affairs and discipline can best be described as respectful but relaxed and fun. Do try us for yourself; you will be made to feel most welcome!

What Shaolin Can Do For You
We believe in and teach our students the rewards of martial spirit, martial ability, a positive mental attitude, responsibility, humility and respect. We strive to help our students achieve black belt and above status - a symbol of excellence and dedication. Over and above physical and technical ability, our training develops:

* Focus

* Integrity

* Honour

* Leadership skills

* Self-confidence

* Self-discipline

* Goal setting

If you would like to join the club download the form below, print it off and complete it and then give it to the instructor at one of our classes with two passport sized photos.

Download a Membership Form

Click on the menu at the bottom of the form then "Download a Copy".

"The Panther"

The central Chinese characters on the badge depict the word “Panther” - the defining signature of Shaolin Kickboxing and symbolic of the founder, Mr. Kingsley Morgan. The image below depicts the panther in a struggle with a cobra and is to be found on shaolin uniforms and clothing.

Yin / Yang

 Two opposing forces, which are equal and opposite but form a dynamic equilibrium.  

Yin – negative, feminine, black, moon, night, light, soft, internal, defence, lower body, front of body, inward or downward movements, chopping with palm facing downwards.  

Yang – positive, masculine, white, sun, day, heavy, hard, external, attack, upper body, back of body, outward or upward movements, chopping with palm facing upwards.  

The concept of ‘life force’ is represented by the two dots on the Yin and Yang.

The strength of the life force within the individual is synonymous with their level of skill. Through dedication and hard training of the body and mind, the ultimate force within a martial artist can be attained.


All the above elements, the Yin/Yan, the "Panther" characters and the lines in the badge, combine to represent the fundamentals on which Shaolin Kickboxing has been built.