22 May 2022
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Grading Results - Sunday, 12 September 2021


Congratulations to the following students who passed at the grading: 


New 7th Grade (White)

Aaryn Sunnassee (Examiner Gerry Abram)

Alex Webb*

Brandon Rigg

Jojo Mercieca

Olivia Alexander-Barker

Sakyi Acquaah@


New 6th Grade (Blue)

Alyieana Rahim++😊

Eriberto Farinella  (Examiner Gerry Abram) 


New 4th Grade (Red)

George Johnson

Nikhil Vaghell


New 3rd Grade (Red)

Benjamin Forman++😊

Rohan Sunnassee (Examiner Gerry Abram) 


New 1st Grade (Brown/Black Stripe)

Millie Johnson

Molly Lawrence 



 ++ 😊Double Promotion - Outstanding achievement within the grading syllabus

* Borderline pass

 @ Please ensure you wear full Shaolin uniform in class and at gradings (Noted on your record)



Kingsley Morgan, Chief Instructor/Examiner

Gerry Abram 3rd Degree Black Belt & Joe Mercieca 1st Degree Black Belt



Gerry Abram and Joe Mercieca



Jayesh Vaghela, 1st Grade (Brown/Black Stripe)

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