22 May 2022
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!!! Grading Results - Thursday 4 May 2017, St Albans !!!


Congratulations to the following students who passed at the grading:


New 7th Grade (White)

Stanley Maisey

Matthew Narroway

Isabella Ramsden

Grant Schmidt (Borderline pass)

Max Swain (Borderline pass)


New 6th Grade (Blue)

Susan Daker (Borderline pass)

Rohan Sunnassee (Merit pass)


New 4th Grade (Red)

Elena Capel

Daniel Kraft (Borderline pass)

Daniel Lazareanu

Sabrina Shima

Daiki Soejima

Taiga Soejima


New 3rd Grade (Red)

Neil Shipley (Borderline pass)





Kingsley Morgan, Chief Instructor/Examiner

Gerry Abram, 3rd Degree Black Belt

Ian Coward, 2nd  Degree Black Belt

Joe Mercieca, 1st Degree Black Belt

David Rosenfeld, 1st Degree Black Belt



Presentations will take place at individuals' respective classes.





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