22 May 2022
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Grading Results - 2 July 2016, Kings Langley


Congratulations to the following students who passed at the grading:


New 7th Grade (White)

David Cormer  

Lakshmi Purushotham

Mekyle Gashgaie

Molly Lawrence

Shafagh Corner


New 6th Grade (Blue)

Richard Perry

Sabrina Shima


New 5th Grade (Blue)

Daiki Soejima

Daniel Kraft

Elena Capel

Neil Shipley

Patryk Szczepanik

Tom Szczepanik

Taiga Soejima


New 3rd Grade (Red)

Achen Sunnassee



Kingsley Morgan, Chief Instructor/Examiner

Ian Coward, 2nd Degree Black Belt



Ian Coward


Presentations will take place at St Albans training centre



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