22 October 2021
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Whilst Kickboxing was developing in the West, it is largely based on Thai Boxing, which has, in various forms, been practiced in its native land for the last 2,000 years. It only developed into a sport when unarmed combat in warfare became less and less effective. It remains the national sport of Thailand. 

Western "Champions" who had never fought abroad were in for a culture shock when faced with Thai opposition, never having experienced the devastating knee, elbow and kicking skills these fighters possessed. But as time went on we learned and developed our Art/Sport to a higher level and today some of the best fighters are based in UK - a number are members of Shaolin Kickboxing.


Full Contact

“Pain is only temporary but pride is forever”

Shaolin Kickboxing is a full contact martial arts style – in that we equip our students to compete in full contact fighting competitions (as an option if they satisfy certain requirements) Our methods are totally practical to achieve total health and fighting fitness; everything you will learn in Shaolin Kickboxing will have a practical use – we don’t waste time with flowery or superfluous applications.

 We cover virtually all attacking situations including the mechanics and principles of practical kicking, kneeing, punching, elbows, grappling, ground fighting, multiple attackers, breaking and weapon fighting, for protecting oneself in many common day-to-day scenarios. However, as students progress through the system they have the opportunity to learn advanced skills.

Advanced Skills
Shaolin Kickboxing has a permanent martial arts studio based at our Elstree venue in Hertfordshire. The gym measures approximately 20m x 8m (11m x 7m matted), is well maintained and professionally equipped with heavy punch bags, speed balls, medicine balls, free-weights room and a full sized in-house ring.
The gym is available via the club for all students who intend to be the best. Tailored programmes are developed to cater for students' individual needs with the equipment provided playing an important role.
Specifically, we run a "fighting and fitness" class at the gym every Monday evening in order to develop our keenest students.
Shaolin Kickboxing, once again, sets the standard within the community!

Our techniques have been tested under real conditions and have proven themselves to be highly effective, regardless of the age or physical strength or the practitioner.

We are proud that Shaolin Kickboxing Club has attracted members not only from among the general public but also from among the police and security agencies.

The only way to learn these is to join us. As a result, your body will be transformed and conditioned and you will achieve results you never imagined possible.