22 October 2021
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 "The fist is visible, the strike is invisible"

Only by working with our professional instructors using modern equipment and after many hours of sensible sparring and practical techniques can you appreciate our martial art; however, safety is our number one priority. Instructors always supervise free sparring and protective equipment is mandatory. When sparring in the class, we wear 16/18oz boxing gloves and headguards with the express desire to protect our partners and ourselves.

The junior students are only allowed to spar among themselves, under a class instructor’s supervision and only if they have been judged to have developed the necessary technical skills and maturity. They will still be required to spar with a more senior student to progress, whose job it is to teach and to encourage, but not to hurt them. Injuries are fewer than in many other sports such as football or rugby and where rarely, they do occur, they tend to be more in the area of stresses and sprains rather than knocks; but remember Shaolin Kickboxing is full contact and our fighters condition their bodies to deliver and receive blows.

 “You can’t kick or punch what you can’t see”



All our class instructors have been authorised to conduct a class by the Technical Committee of the club which is chaired by the Chief Instructor. They have all received professional first aid instruction with certification, and most have undertaken enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks with certification.