19 September 2021
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Fight Night 2005 Video


Fight Night 2007 Video
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FightNight - 10th Oct

Alexis "The Scorpio" Charalambous (Shaolin Kickboxing) vs Paul Morgan (Pegasus Gym). Alexis won by TKO in R3

Shaolin vs Bullring

Ky Godfrey(Shaolin Kickboxing) vs John Eames(Bullring Gym). Ky retired at the start of R2 with a dislocated shoulder.



In General

In Kickboxing competitions there are varying rules for different governing bodies, however matches are usually fought over 3 to 12 rounds of 2 to 3 minutes. Shin guards and foot protectors are usually worn and boxing gloves are compulsory. Some rules oblige a minimum number of kicks above the waist per round, although foot sweeps are usually allowed. Some competitions allow kicks to the legs and this is sometimes known as freestyle, low kick or K1 kickboxing. Competitions are fought on mats, in the ring and increasingly, in an octogon "cage" following the recent popularity of MMA/Ultimate Fighting.

Shaolin Kickboxing Competitions

Realise and awake your full potential!

The Club competition rules were formed in order to create an impartial and fair stage for novices to compete in and a route to enable them, one day, to reach the very the top as semi / professional fighters.

“Over the years, I’ve seen many different types of kickboxing competitions and the majority of these were fine, but a number were biased against first-time and “foreign” fighters. I’ve seen organisations that do not match or judge fairly, fights that are allowed to become like drunken nights out and rules that change to suit the opposition. Our competition rules are a reaction to this." Chief Instructor, Kingsley Morgan interviewed in 2007

We have a team of qualified coaches, professional first aiders, referees and doctors in attendance at each event to ensure that standards are always maintained at the highest level.

Shaolin Kickboxing Club  has created the ISKC (International Shaolin Kickboxing Championships) which acts therefore both as an officiating body and promoter of amateur, semi-pro and top class kickboxing events ensuring that titles achieved have credibility and gives these athletes an international platform on which to perform. Events have been very well attended.

ISKC rules have been developed to give combatants the right structure to develop and are based on an International / Freestyle kickboxing syllabus.

Students of other martial art styles who like the competitive side of kickboxing are welcome to take part in competitions under the ISKC rules.

Shaolin Kickboxing Club offers superior martial arts and full contact training.

"We set extremely high standards and intend to keep it that way"

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