01 December 2021
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Chief Instructor & Chief Examiner

Chief Instructor & Chief Examiner Kingsley Morgan

 Chief Instructor & Chief Examiner Kingsley Morgan

Chief Instructor Mr. Kingsley Morgan trained in Chinese Kickboxing for over 25 years and was awarded his black belt at the unprecedentedly young age of 15. After many years of dedication, intensive training and study he went on to achieve the remarkable award of 5th degree black belt. - One of very few 5th degree black belts in Chinese Kickboxing in the world.

As a disciplined fighter and martial arts expert, Kingsley knew many world ranked fighters, some of whom became very good friends. One of these, who admired the Chief Instructor's talents, was Frank Lobman, a heavyweight K1 champion and five-times European heavyweight kickboxing champion, based in Rotterdam, Holland. Frank and Kingsley sometimes trained and sparred together in England and abroad in order to perfect their fighting qualities and techniques.

The Chief Instructor continued his training, always with the aim of bettering himself, by sparring and fighting (behind closed doors) with some of Sugar Ray Leonard's sparring partners in top gyms across the USA and Barbados.

Kingsley has, for years, been a major proponent of practical martial arts and with this in mind he has often undertaken demonstrations to the general public to show the level of skill that one can achieve.

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